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Archive for October, 2012



As you can see by the goof on the posting titled ”Round”, and some
disjointed sentences elsewhere, I have not as yet mastered this system, and believe me,
that is a gross understatement.


Round #2

Round #2 (Treatment 3) completed on the 27th as scheduled. Oncologist
reported that Bill’s blood work is looking good which is truly a blessing since chemo
lowers the white count and therefore lowers the efficiency of the immune system and the
ability to ward off infections. He has been advised to avoid crowds, so we go out very
little these days.
Think I mentioned that Bill’s hair began falling out last week. On Wednesday, we went out to lunch (he in a new cap from Cabela’s) and suddenly on the way home, he whipped
into the parking lot of a strip mall close to our house and pulled up in front of a Sport
Clips, parked and asked if I wanted to come with him. Long story short, in about 10
minutes I was suddenly married to the Little Elm version of Telly Savalas (Kojack) for
those of you who are either too young to know or can’t remember who that was. All that is missing now is a genuine ”Tootsie Pop”.
Side effects of this current round have been somewhat delayed in starting, but not
eliminated. Bad day yesterday and today, but he’s hanging in there. One more treatment
and he’ll be half-way through and enjoying another ”Bye Week”.
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Blessings, Pat



Bill’s week off from chemo was a real blessing. He felt pretty good and we
were able to get out of the house a little which helped his state of mind (and mine) a